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Water Damage Repair Tips


Drying out after water damage should top any cleanup priority list.

If you can dry items within 48 hours, you might salvage many goods, and avoid mold and rust.

1. Move Air Naturally

If humidity is not too high, you should open windows and doors in order to start air circulating throughout your house. Also, open your closet and cabinet doors, and remove all drawers.

2. Move Air Mechanically

Rent high powered fans in order to crank up the air circulation. Depending on the size and power, fans will cost between $50-500 to purchase; $20 a day for rental.

3. Dehumidify

A portable dehumidifier can remove a lot of water vapor from the air in a specific area, such as a bedroom or downstairs entertainment room. Close the room’s windows and doors in order to keep more humidity from coming in. ThenX Buy a big dehumidifier ($270) so you do not have to keep emptying its water drawer frequently.

4. Pump Water

A sump pump is a submersible pump that runs continuously moves water out of your house through a hose to outside. If you have standing water that’s several inches deep, a sump pump really can help. Just Rent a sump pump for around $44 per day, or buy one for $100 or so.

5. Wet/Dry Shop Vac

Some shop vacs are rated for use in wet conditions. These vacs will suck water from carpets and give you an extra fighting chance to helpbsave rugs and wall-to-walls. Do not use your normal household vacuum because the innards arent protected from the water. A 6-gallon wet/dry vac costs $50; a 16-gallon goes for about $170.

6. Remove Sodden Objects

Take out all wet rugs and furniture out into the sun to reduce inside moisture level and begin drying out. Remove sheet vinyl or linoleum flooring to increase max water evaporation. Todd out wet insulation from under the floors and throw away.

7. Freeze Papers

In order to buy more time, place any wet books and photos in plastic bags and then place in a frost-free freezer. This will stop more deterioration, and help reduce and prevent mold and mildew. When you have the time, retrieve he books from the freezer and air- or fan-dry the pages to help restore them.

8. Absorb Moisture

Desiccants (silica gel, clay, calcium oxide) absorb moisture like a sponge. Place water-permeable packages of desiccants and wet items in airtight containers or in sealed areas, like closets. Some desiccants change color to indicate they are saturated, which can take days or weeks, depending on how much moisture items contain.

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